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About The Team at Get Tackle

Callen Leonard

Welcome to Get Tackle, the brainchild of founder Callen Johnson, a passionate fisherman hailing from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand.

From the serene lakes of Taupo to the vast oceanic expanses surrounding the Kiwi islands, Callen has cast his line in some of the most breathtaking fishing spots the country has to offer. His love for fishing isn’t just a hobby; it’s a deep-rooted passion that has been a part of his life since his childhood days. With every tug on the line and every catch he reels in, Callen feels a connection to nature that is both profound and invigorating.

But for Callen, fishing is more than just a personal journey. It’s about community, camaraderie, and sharing the thrill of the catch with fellow enthusiasts. This sentiment led to the inception of Get Tackle. Through this platform, Callen aims to share his vast knowledge, tips, and experiences with both seasoned fishermen and those just starting out. He believes that the joy of fishing should be accessible to all, regardless of skill level or background.

Get Tackle isn’t just a content website; it’s a culmination of Callen’s dreams and aspirations. Here, you’ll find detailed guides on the best fishing spots in New Zealand, tutorials on various fishing techniques, and personal anecdotes from Callen’s own adventures. Whether you’re looking to learn, share, or simply bask in the beauty of fishing, Get Tackle is your go-to destination.

In his own words, “Fishing is not just about the catch; it’s about the memories you make, the friends you meet, and the stories you share. Through Get Tackle, I hope to create a community where every fisherman feels at home.”

So, dive in, explore, and let the waves of Get Tackle guide you on your next fishing adventure. Happy fishing!

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