Fishing Licence Information

Fishing Licence Information

New Zealand offers some of the world’s most pristine and diverse fishing environments.

Whether you’re a local angler or a visiting enthusiast, it’s essential to understand the licencing requirements to ensure you’re fishing legally and sustainably. This hub page provides all the information you need about New Zealand fishing licences.

Types of Fishing Licences

There are various fishing licences available in New Zealand, catering to different needs:

General Fishing Licence

There are ten different types of general fishing licences. It’s essential to read the summaries and charts provided to pick the right one for your needs. Learn More

Non-Resident Licences

Visitors from overseas must purchase a Non-Resident Licence (NRL). The term “non-resident” refers to individuals who, as of October 1, are not residents of New Zealand. Learn More

Designated Waters Licence

This licence is specific to certain designated waters. Before applying, ensure you read the necessary information. Learn More

Controlled Fishery Licences

The purpose of this licence is to manage angling pressure, ensuring a high-quality angling and wilderness experience. Learn More

Species Requiring a Licence

Some species require a specific Fish & Game licence to fish or hunt in New Zealand, including trout, salmon, and char.

Pricing for the 2022-2023 Fishing Season (1st October 2022 – 30th September 2023)

  • Whole Season:

    • Family: $188.00
    • Adult: $145.00
    • Junior: $25.00
    • Child: Free
  • 24 Hour:

    • Adult: $29.00
    • Junior: $5.00
    • Child: Free
  • Non-Resident Whole Season: $250.00

Important Information for Anglers

  • Your fishing licence is a permit to fish for sports fish in line with the regulations set for the Fish and Game New Zealand region where you’re fishing.

  • The licence does not grant any rights of access over land. If you wish to traverse private land, always seek permission from the land occupier.

  • Family licence holders should note that this licence allows families to fish together. All family members must fish close enough to direct a ranger to the primary or secondary licence holder if asked to produce their licence.

  • The licence can be used in any area managed by Fish and Game New Zealand, except the Taupo Fishing District. For Taupo fishing regulations, refer to the Department of Conservation website.

  • If you catch fish with tags, please return all tags with details (length, weight, location, and method of capture) to your local Fish and Game New Zealand office. This data helps manage the fishery effectively.