Best Fishing Spots in Manukau Harbour

Looking for the best fishing spots in Manukau Harbour? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll guide you through the top locations in this picturesque harbor.

Whether you love surfcasting, rock fishing, or boat fishing, Manukau Harbour has something for every angler. We’ll provide valuable information on the most productive spots, the best times to fish, and the types of fish you can expect to catch.

Get ready to explore and reel in some impressive catches!

Tidal Creek: A Hidden Gem


If you’re looking for a hidden gem for fishing in Manukau Harbour, the Tidal Creek is a must-visit spot. This secluded creek offers a unique fishing experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

The creek is known for its calm waters and abundance of fish, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced anglers. With its peaceful surroundings and stunning views, you’ll feel like you’re in your own private fishing paradise.

The Tidal Creek is also home to a variety of fish species, including snapper, trevally, and kahawai, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to reel in a big catch.

Wharf Fishing: Convenient and Productive

When it comes to convenient and productive fishing in Manukau Harbour, wharf fishing is the way to go. Wharf fishing offers a range of benefits that make it an ideal choice for anglers of all levels.

Firstly, the location of the wharves provides easy access and parking, making it a hassle-free option. Whether you’re a local or visiting the area, you can easily find a wharf nearby to cast your line.

Additionally, these fishing spots are known for their productivity. The wharves attract a variety of fish species, including snapper, trevally, and kahawai, ensuring that you have a good chance of catching something.

Mangrove Banks: Ideal for Snapper Fishing

One of the top fishing spots for snapper in Manukau Harbour is the mangrove banks. These banks provide an ideal habitat for snapper, making it a popular destination for anglers.

The dense mangrove roots create a complex structure that attracts snapper, offering them shelter and a steady supply of food. The banks are also known for their abundant marine life, including crabs, shrimps, and small fish, which further entice snapper to gather in the area.

When fishing for snapper at the mangrove banks, it’s recommended to use bait such as squid or pilchard, as these are known to attract snapper. Additionally, fishing during the early morning or late afternoon tends to yield the best results.

Wattle Bay: A Hotspot for Kingfish


Head to Wattle Bay, the ultimate hotspot for kingfish in Manukau Harbour. This picturesque bay is known for its abundance of kingfish, making it a dream destination for anglers seeking a thrilling fishing experience.

The bay’s deep waters and rocky coastline provide the perfect habitat for these powerful fish. The kingfish in Wattle Bay are known for their impressive size and fighting spirit, offering anglers an exhilarating challenge.

Whether you prefer casting from the shore or venturing out on a boat, Wattle Bay offers a variety of fishing opportunities. Don’t forget to come prepared with heavy-duty fishing gear and live bait to maximize your chances of landing a prized kingfish.

Manukau Heads: Thrilling Deep-Sea Fishing Experience

For a thrilling deep-sea fishing experience in Manukau Harbour, venture to the Manukau Heads, where you can immerse yourself in the excitement of reeling in big catches. Located at the entrance of the harbor, the Manukau Heads offer an exhilarating fishing spot that’s sure to satisfy any angler’s craving for adventure.

The deep waters here are teeming with a variety of fish species, including snapper, kingfish, and trevally. As you cast your line into the depths, be prepared for the fight of your life as these powerful fish put up a fierce struggle.

With the stunning backdrop of the rugged cliffs and the endless expanse of the open sea, the Manukau Heads provide not only a thrilling fishing experience but also a breathtakingly beautiful setting.

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